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1) What is tennismypassion's biggest flaw? I'm... not sure she has one. Maybe occasional cluelessness?
2) Does azrafaye do drugs? Not that I'm aware of.
3) Could you see sendrileswench and spamsizedbungee together? ....no. They're pretty good friends, but as far as I know respective sexual orientations forbid it.
4) What would lexkixass do differently in your shoes? She'd probably be a lot less cranky.
5) What would dark_puck think of ringlass? I think they'd get along, personally. With occasional fits of trying to kill each other.
6) Where was terioncalling born? I have no idea.
7) What would you do if you found out kitsune_kit has a crush on you? Um... go with it, I guess. It wouldn't be the first time a close friend had a crush.
8) Does gg_crono travel a lot? No, he doesn't.
9) Would thedaytheystop go out with anthemyst? AHAHAHAHA oh man. No, they wouldn't, but if they did I'm pretty sure I'd have to laugh until I ruptured something.
10) Does incredulousyak have a dog? Yes, she does.
11) If terioncalling and leviathan15 were siamese twins where would they be joined? Uh. Probably the brain.
12) Is beckyh2112 1337? Hell yes.
13) Has priscellie been to your house/dorm? No, but I've been to hers!
14) If lexkixass was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? The crazy MIL, I would assume.
15) How would azrafaye kill terioncalling? In a sneaky fashion. Possibly involving hair chopsticks and forks.
16) gypsyjr's hair color? ..brown, I think, but it's been a while.
17) Is orions_eagle in a relationship? I don't think so.
18) What rank would eponymous_rose have in a giant robot army? The giant robot army would be hers. Run away.
19) Is gypsyjr athletic? ...likewise, I don't think so, but it's never really come up.
20) What is anthemyst allergic to? Sisters, usually.
21) Is beckyh2112 related to gg_crono? Not in the slightest.
22) Which president would kitsune_kit be likely to idolize? Uh...
23) Is museinme8 your best friend? Not really, no.
24) Did azrafaye break up with you? ...dear God I hope not.
25) Thoughts on priscellie? She's wonderful and a great hugger.
26) Would you make out with syzygy12? ...no. I love you, Katherine, but no.
27) What video game does kitsune_kit remind you of? I don't play video games, but she'll always be associated with Sunshine for me.
28) How long have you known museinme8? Um...a little less than a year, I think.
29) What comic book character would azrafaye be? Wonder Woman.
30) What animal should acridmelanthe be combined with? A griffin!
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