tigerkat24 (tigerkat24) wrote,


My bunny had to be put to sleep half an hour ago. Her name was Hazel, though no one ever called her that; usually it was booboo, or bunny, or some other sickening name. She was grey and soft, with a little white collar around her neck and a little white nose. She was the sweetest bunny around, and she used to lick your nose, or your finger, just because she could. She ate grass in this really cute way, too, chewing it up like you used to chew spaghetti when you were a kid, one long strand at a time.
She was also five eight years old, and she got congestive heart failure. That's what the vet said, anyway. We only noticed that she wasn't breathing very well. The vet did say that we got her there in time, so she didn't hurt, and they kept petting her and telling her she was okay, so she wasn't scared.
She was such a good bunny. I hope she and my kitty have a good time in heaven.
Pictures to follow. Right now I just need to sleep.
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