tigerkat24 (tigerkat24) wrote,

A quote from GAFF...

...that I thought particularly apt. DarckRedd, on a Sailor Moon fic where Serena prayed for help finding a prom dress.

"I mean, seriously, how can anyone find this fulfilling? It's a God of Stuff, an expression of the materialistic fervor that has swept through the US. There's little that's spiritual about this god, once you get past its abstract concepts of Heaven and Hell. Beyond that, it's all makeup and nails and 'modest' gowns. Where is the God in that? I'll show you the Christian God: God is going out and helping the poor. God is praying silently for salvation.

God is not condemning anyone who disagrees with you. God is not preying on rape victims to get them to join your faith.

This author has no true God; what she has is another thing, like all the others."
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Huh. I thought GAFF went belly-up.