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Character Meme

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions
3. Then tag three people.

1: Jennifer Tarleton (The Dresden Files)

2: Joshua Croft (The Dresden Files)

3: Adara Jenkins (Howl's Moving Castle/Fantastic Four- she gets around)

4: Aisling Spencer (original)

5: Rowan Forester (Tortall)

A. How old are you?

Jen: Thirty-two. What's it to you?
Josh: Nineteen.
Adara: ...now what kind of question is that to ask a lady? *eyes suspiciously*
Aisling: *blink* Um, twenty-six.
Rowan: Why do you want to know? You planning on writing up some kind of report on me? I'm just a shopgirl. Sheesh. Or are you from the butcher's boy? You can tell him I'm not near old enough to marry. Tell him I said so straight from me and piss off, why don't you, unless you're going to buy something.

B. Height?

Jen: Five-seven. Bit tall for a dancer. Good thing I'm a choreographer.
Josh: Um, I think I narrowly missed six-foot-one. I'm not sure. I haven't been measured in years.
Adara: If you ask what my weight is next you'll feel the flat of my hand.
Aisling: ...about five-six? I don't know. Average.
Rowan: Average to middling. Though I'm taller than any of my sibs, but that's 'cause they're all short from stooping all the time. I stood up straight as a girl. Ask my mum and see if I didn't. That's how I can look you in the eye and stare down impertinent boys if I want to, unless of course I like them being impertinent, then I needn't, but you know how it goes.

C. Got any bad habits?

Jen: Bluntness to the point of rudeness. Some might call me a bitch. I would call myself Queen Bitch. *sweet smile*
Josh: ...I bite my nails...and Abram says I'm setting new records for jeopardy-friendly. And of course I sin all the time, but there's prayer for that.
Adara: Of course not.
Aisling: I add frills onto songs where I shouldn't. Conductors get quite annoyed but my roommates like it.
Rowan: How very silly a question when you can ask anyone and find I'm practically perfect. Of course I'm nosy. Mum always says I should learn to keep my nose out of other people's business, but I think it's silly. How can you learn anything if you don't ask? So that's not a flaw, really. And of course my sibs say I talk too much. Well, that's a kinder way; they really say I should learn to shut my mouth and listen. But I never talk too much. They're just jealous of my vocabulary and intelligence. All they do is grunt and point. Can you imagine?

D. You a virgin?

Josh: *furious blush*
Adara: *GLARE*
Aisling: Uh...er...um.
Rowan: What an impertinent question! I ought to slap you for that, I ought. Really, who goes around asking a lady that, and in such blunt terms? Though I know I'm not a lady, just a shopgirl, really, so what does it matter if I've been deflowered or not? Don't be stupid. I have been, of course, but I got a pregnancy charm so that's quite all right, and if my mum hears about this I'll know it's you who told her, and won't you get a ding around the ear then! So don't you dare.

E. Who is your mate/spouse?

Jen: Donald Morgan. Technically, anyway. I mean, we're not married, but boyfriend is such a juvenile word, and "mate" sounds like wolves. I don't know. No word for what we are, really.
Josh: *still blushing furiously* I haven't got one yet. Brothers aplenty, and I have had a girlfriend, but no one permanent.
Adara: *stiffly* I don't have one. The boys at home are all so smothering and the boys in Wales are just so full of themselves. And I'm not holding them up to an impossible standard set by my father. If you knew my father you wouldn't ask that. Hopeless, vain coward.
Aisling: *flush* I don't have one. I mean, I'd like to have one, but he's...not really very interested, and if he was interested in someone it certainly wouldn't be me. I don't think he even knows I exist.
Rowan: Oh, I haven't got one. I'm still very young and I've no interest in marrying no matter what the butcher's boy thinks. I intend to be free and easy for quite some time, and to enjoy myself as much as possible. That's what a girl's life is all about, of course! Besides, I've no interest in children yet. Too many siblings. To take care of a bunch of snotty sticky children at my age! Ridiculous. Though Joffry who's apprenticed over at the inn is rather nice and so good-looking.

F. Have any kids?

Jen: Not yet. I use birth control religiously, thank you very much. If I ever have kids it will be because I want them.
Josh: No, but I expect to. After I'm married, of course.
Adara: No. I do not expect to. Unless Owen counts... he's my brother's son, but Rhys for various reasons isn't able to take care of him, so I do. Well, mostly Mam and Tad do, but I do as well when I'm home.
Aisling: Oh, no. I wouldn't mind them, of course. But I'm nowhere near financially secure enough to have a child on my own. Anyway, M..some people aren't interested.
Rowan: ...why would I be interested in goats?... Oh, you mean children. Please, don't you listen? I just told you I have a pregnancy charm and that I'm not interested in children just now. Besides, why would I have children when I can just adopt one of the stray cats you always see running around? It's about the same amount of money and you get about the same amount of gratitude.

G. Favorite food?

Jen: Raspberries. Definitely.
Josh: The fries at that one restraunt. You haven't had fries until you've had those.
Adara: Mmm... I'm fond of turkey.
Aisling: Anything Hadassah says is good. I do the cooking, but Hadassah finds the receipes, and she hasn't failed me yet.
Rowan: Oh, I don't know. It's food, you know, and you've always got to be grateful enough to have any of it. I mean, I've got enough sibs that there was never enough to go around before we got old enough to work. So really I guess my favorite food is free. Either that, or lots.

H. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Jen: Raspberry sorbet. I told you I liked raspberries.
Josh: Chocolate-chip cookie dough.
Adara: Oh, pistachio. Definitely. Stop giving me that look. It isn't as if you could talk.
Aisling: I... don't much like ice cream, actually. I haven't had it since I moved in with the others, because Shishi is lactose-intolerant and 'Dess eats kosher. Anyway, I've always liked flavored ice better.
Rowan: What's ice cream? Is that something nobles eat? Because I certainly have never had it. It must be a delicacy or something. What do you think I am, a lady or a merchant? I'm just a shopgirl, and all my money goes home to Mum anyway. I couldn't afford anything fancy like that.

I. Killed anyone?

Jen: No. Not for lack of wanting to.
Josh: No! That's wrong! You have to turn the other cheek and run away if they're really intent on killing you.
Adara: No. Not intentionally, anyway.
Aisling: ...I don't think so...
Rowan: Please! You keep asking all these silly questions. I'm a shopgirl from Corus. That's not to say I don't know people who've killed people or seen dead people. I live near the Court of the Rogue, so of course we see bodies now and then, and my cousin is in the army. I don't know if I could kill someone, honestly. I was going to join the Queen's Riders because they pay much better than the shops, but then I remembered it involves killing folk, and I thought, well, I don't know. And then I remembered it involved horses and I decided against it. Nasty big smelly things, horses.

J. Hate anyone?

Jen: Oh, definitely. My mother chief among them.
Josh: ...I try not to. Some people make it difficult.
Adara: Certainly. Johnny Storm would be one of them. No matter what my mother says.
Aisling: ...yes.
Rowan: Tch, of course I do. That tart Lolly from down the road, example. She dresses herself up and flounces about and distracts all the boys. Thinks she's the Goddess walks on earth! Hmph.

K. Any secrets?

Jen: Who hasn't got them? What, you were expecting me to tell them to you? Ha. Piss off.
Josh: From who?
Adara: Of course. It's human nature to keep secrets. Besides, it's nice to have something for yourself.
Aisling: Likewise, yes. Mostly about ...someone.
Rowan: Well, not really. I mean, of course I keep secrets, but only from certain people. Like I'll tell my best friend Heather anything. She's like me, named after a plant, and we're such good friends, you've no idea. I've no secrets from Heather. But people like Lolly I keep all sorts of secrets from. And of course I'd never tell Joffry that I think he's handsome, because that would defeat the purpose, don't you think? I don't think I have many secrets, anyway.

L. Love anyone?

Jen: Of course. Morgan. Duh.
Josh: 'Course. The Lord, my brothers, my parents, extended family, etc.
Adara: My family, reluctantly. Someone else rather more enthusiastically. No, I won't tell you who.
Aisling: Of course! My mum and da, my sibs, Shishi and 'Dess, and ...someone.
Rowan: ...define love? Because I love my family, but not like that. I don't love anyone like that. I mean, I'm not ready to love anyone like that. I'm just a girl still. Don't you have to be grown up to love someone like that?

If you have characters, are on my flist, and have not yet been tagged, consider yourself tagged.
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